For Time and Eternity by Rosanne Croft

Book 3 in the Believe in Love Series is now available in Kindle and Print on!

Alex and Jennalee risked all they knew for knowing the truth. And if there was ever a chance for them, it could be now.

From the cover:

The rich world of silk ties and luxury cars crumbles when Alex Campanaro finds himself in jail as a victim of the Italian mafia. He determines to escape and take his cellmate with him. When a deadly earthquake strikes and frees them, a wounded Alex is able to get his friend to town for help. But there are aftershocks. At the end of his own strength, Alex must put his trust in an all-powerful God to survive.

Will he ever see Jennalee again?

Jennalee Young learns to rely on the biblical Jesus she’s grown to love when she breaks free from her LDS mission in Rome. Risking the disapproval of her parents and Church authorities, she resolves to find Alex, the Christ-follower she’s chosen to spend the rest of her life with. When she sees his bloody face in a televised report from the epicenter of an earthquake a hundred miles away, Jennalee and her brother embark on a treacherous ride to the epicenter to find him.

Will they be too late?

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