On Suffering by Oswald Chambers

“We have to be careful lest we take on the religious pose, or the evangelical pose, or the denominational pose, or any pose that is not real, when we come across suffering in which there is no deliverance and no illumination. The only thing to do is to be reverent with what we do not understand. The basis of things is tragic: therefore God must find the way out, or there is no way out. Human reasoning and a human diagnosis of things will do exactly what Job’s friends did: belittle the grief.” (from Baffled to Fight Better, 67 L)

Lord of Heaven, help me in my human-ness never to belittle grief, never to try to fix something only you can take care of: Your way, Your timing, Your mercy. Suffering bothers me. It baffles me and my mustard-seed faith. I have to grow in faith that You alone are El Roi, the all-seeing God and trust You completely, wholly. Help me to say the right thing with reverence and honor in the midst of pain, and to know when to say nothing but to stand. Just to stand.

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  1. Chris

    I like this! Well said, Rosanne!


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